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Oak - Recycled Bike tube earrings

Image of Oak - Recycled Bike tube earrings


Unique feather shaped earrings made using recycled bicycle inner tubes. Each earring has two hand cut pieces, the back piece has been painted silver and the top piece cut to resemble a feather. Earrings measure approx. 3 1/2 inches.

The inner tube material has a unique texture that looks almost like leather but is very light and durable. Most people who see these earrings can't believe they are made out of rubber inner tubes until they actually touch them. All the tubes I use are beyond repair and have been saved from going in to the landfill.

This is jewelry you can actually feel good about wearing and giving as gifts.

All earrings are hand cut, painted and assembled by me in Oakland, California.

***You will NOT receive the exact pair the model is wearing. A fresh new pair is made for each sale so the earrings you receive will never have been worn before.

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